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(She’s a self-labeled Flirty Wildfang.) Wildfang is the newest tomboy line to emerge onto the queer-loving fashion scene where the threads are dapper cute and the ever-growing Wildfang family is graced by cool faces like Kate Moennig, Tegan and Sara, Riley Keough, Kate Cooper of An Horse and Casey Legler.

Besides being trained in piano, Holly is a self-taught guitar and trumpet player.

as Shane Mc Cutcheon, the girl everyone wanted to date and just couldn’t hate, no matter how many times she screwed them over.

The actress behind the role has managed to move on from the series to play a doctor ( with Robert De Niro and Drew Barrymore. AE: What is the most dreadful thing you have had to do as an actor?

reveled over how he “exposed her to the masses before hipster tastemaker Pitchfork did.”But I digress.

We gays totally already had Miranda on our radar—sorry Kanye.

That was a labor of love, but it was so satisfying to do.

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So, what is the difference between them and "Raw Sex" cacao chocolates UHH is going on about? So, what is the difference between them and "Raw Sex" cacao chocolates UHH is going on about? I love the new song and video Holly did with CREEP. But, we are the ones caging each other up like we do wild animals. A single Holly pic would not go down well with one or two posters in kates thread so I think it's best it's kept like that, pics of them as a couple then great so play nice, it's new threads for both. But, to me, it is saying we are all caged like animals. I think it's quite a sexy little song, I interpreted more about animal passion but hey I'm usually completely wrong at interpreting songs.I was first acquainted with Miranda via a You Tube video I stumbled upon around the same time.She was covering Lauryn Hill’s heartbreaking “Ex-Factor” in the back of a cab in London. Filmmaker Vincent Moon shot a video of her performing a stripped down version of her lead single “Waves” set to the thump of her guitar and the aching violin of Marques Toliver.I just felt like it was a natural way to go with this one.AE: It’s a lot of pressure after AE: I don’t want to say this is a “negative” album, but it’s very much about a push and pull, a longing.

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