Who is frankie muniz dating now

I think last time someone said he put a lot of money into gold and real estate and made a killing before the real estate market tanked. I still crack up when people talk about Frankie because he got in some pissing contest with a guy on facebook or twitter about how much better he is just because he has more money.I would of laughed if Frankie would of offed himself. Supposedly, he was smart enough to have 90% of his assests dumped into blue chip stocks and his analyst dumped a huge chunk of change into Google with intent to sell it if it hit ceiling.He is wonderful when it comes to his acting and when it comes to his attitude he is just perfect. He is recognized primarily as the star of the FOX TV family sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, which received him an Emmy Award selection and two Golden Globe Award nominations. He contributed an attractiveness voice to the animal cast of the movie Dr. He had a hit with the 2002 announcement Big Fat Liar, which teamed him with young actress Amanda Bynes as a pair of learners seeking revenge on a sleazy film creator.He was born in the year 1985 on 5th of December and this makes his age 30 at this time. Muniz was also part of the group for the band movie Deuces Wild, free that same year.

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Power Slacker: lennavan: So apparently his girlfriend is smokin hot and he looks like a tool. Every time I come on fark and story about this guy comes up more and more people have another huge whopper of a story on how frankie got rich.

He appeared in commercials and made his film debut in the made-for-television movie To Dance With Olivia (1997), starring Lou Gossett Jr.

In that same year, he appeared in the CBS Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation of What the Deaf Man Heard.

Days later, however, his rep said that the couple were still together and "moving forward with their lives and their relationship."Next stop: Altarville!

Dashing, sensational and multi-talented are the perfect adjective to describe him.

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