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He piloted a boat to the beach at Port El Kantaoui in Sousse, 145km south of the Tunisian capital.

As he disembarked, Rezgui looked just like any other young local: barefoot and dressed in swimming trunks and black T-shirt.

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In 2008 indirect elections for some seats in the Chamber of Advisors, the upper house of parliament, resulted in a heavily pro-RCD body. During the year there were significant limitations on citizens' right to change their government.

There were reports of at least one arbitrary or unlawful killing.

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Then, at 12.10pm, the young man pulled a Kalashnikov from its hiding place inside the umbrella, raised the gun and began to fire, first at a paraglider overhead, swooning in the breeze, then at the tourists bronzing on sunloungers.

Reguzi first swept the beach with gunfire before entering the nearby Imperial Marhaba Hotel, where, the night before, 565 guests had slept.

Local and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) reported that security forces tortured and physically abused prisoners and detainees and arbitrarily arrested and detained individuals.

Security forces acted with impunity, sanctioned by high-ranking officials.

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