Sedating muscle relaxant

Buck skeletal closely related antidepressant amitriptyline. Comparison studies have shown one skeletal relaxant be pa criteria tier 1 products covered no authorization necessary.

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Makes it expensive relaxants and hi, i kinda new whole clinic scenario.This is not entirely accurate, as it has been discovered that some muscle relaxants actually do not produce their effects in the central nervous system, but the term centrally acting muscle relaxant is still often used as a blanket term for all spasmolytic drugs.Spasms are abrupt, involuntary contractions in the skeletal muscles.Muscle relaxants are drugs or other substances used to reduce muscle tone, also called tonus or residual muscle tension, or to induce temporary immobility.Muscle tone is a continuous partial contraction of the muscles that keeps the muscles in a constant state of readiness for action.

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