No validating sax parser implementation available

On the other hand, if you are writing an application that filters an XML data file and if you want to output an equally readable version of the file, then that white space would no longer be irrelevant: it would be essential.

To get those characters, you would add the This code simply generates a message to let you know that ignorable white space was seen. The SAX specification does not require that this method be invoked.

Activating validation allows the application to tell whether the XML document contains the right tags or whether those tags are in the right sequence.Ok, for more details see codes below: This is entry point in my android app: @Override public void on Create(Bundle saved Instance State) { Create(saved Instance State); set Content View(R.layout.main); try { Log.i("AC", "Hello"); XMLProperty List Configuration plist = new XMLProperty List Configuration(); File Name("assets/data.plist"); plist.load(); Object prop = Property("Resorts"); if(prop instanceof List) { List02-28 .531: W/System.err(795): org.apache.commons.configuration.Configuration Exception: Unable to parse the configuration file 02-28 .531: W/System.err(795): at org.apache.commons.configuration.plist.In other words, if the user-specified is set, it must receive those errors, and if not, they must be treated according to the implementation specific default error handling rules.A validator may modify the SAX event stream (for example by adding default values that were missing in documents), and a parser is responsible to make sure that the application will receive those modified event stream. Note that "the validation" here means a validating parser as defined in the XML recommendation.

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