Nicole scherzinger dating drake

"It's just for fun right now." In fact, just last month after Rihanna's show at the Forum in Los Angeles, the pair hung out at the Nice Guy in West Hollywood, closing the place down yet again."They hooked up that night they went to Nice Guy together and stayed until a.m.," our insider added.

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In the meantime, the 35-year-old tennis player seemed happy to be hanging out with Lewis Hamilton, the 31-year-old Formula One driver, who used to date Nicole Scherzinger.Admittedly, it was difficult to recognise the 31-year-old, who dressed as Heath Ledger’s iconic interpretation of Batman nemesis The Joker.” But it looks like Serena wants to keep this budding romance not entirely public.She did not post anything about her Halloween adventures, not even what she wore on that night.She always likes to mix up her outfits and wear unique styles and it was no different when Rihanna headed to Nicole Scherzinger's birthday bash.We really can't keep up with the singer who one day wears oversized Vetements hoodies and the next pretty pink dresses - we love that she keeps us all on our toes though!

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