Indexing not updating outlook 2016

Remember: you need to have macro security set on Low, Warn, or sign the macros using Self Cert.See How to use Outlook’s VBA Editor for complete details.To use, press Alt F11 to open the VBA editor, expend Project1 and paste the code into This Outlook Session.Add Buttons to Your ribbon or QAT to call the macros to quickly enable the Unified Inbox search when needed. Outlook doesn't have anything built in, search folders are per-message store only, and won't work for multiple email accounts.Instant search will search multiple data files, but you need to create the instant search each time you want to use it.To start, download the ADMX \ ADML Files from Microsoft Download website: https://

Now follow the same steps in the first section and re-add Microsoft Outlook to the search index.

This is a solution to a very popular question of how to create a Unified Inbox in Outlook 2010. While not quite the same as a true Unified Inbox for all email accounts, it has one advantage a true unified inbox does not offer: a very easy way to filter out the mail you don't want to see in a unified view by adding additional queries to the txt Search line in each macro.

This solution could easily be adapted to apply any frequently used search conditions to a folder.

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