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All of the magazines geared toward’s men’s style and fashion feature clothes way outside of my price range.And they very rarely reflect clothes that I could actually wear out to a bar or club.As you’ll find in this Brad P Fashion Bible review…his book is completely focuses on getting you laid.Having a great vibe can sometimes do all the work for you and may even get you laid.During my everyday life while I’m running around the streets of NYC taking care of business I’m always giving off a wonderfully attractive vibe to the world. I’m a shitty kisser and I’m not wearing deodorant.” She said…

The fact is that it’s really hard to get good fashion advice for men.

I’m in a great mood, I make everyone I come into contact with laugh, have a certain swagger to my walk and always look great! Just the other night I was out with a student and we were taking a break from approaching and just hanging out talking, laughing and just acting silly! And out of nowhere this really cute chick with super short hair just comes up to me with her friend, grabs my face and says… ” My student was in amazement because I didn’t have to do anything. “Let’s find out” and grabbed my face and went for it! I then told her in a flirty way that she was acting way too aggressive and that she was scaring me!

Needless to say, throughout my day I’m always getting smiled at by women and usually approached in one way or another! I knew it was because of the vibe I was giving off. This drove her crazy and she dragged her friend over to us and said…

Because I heard from multiple people that Brad P’s book was exactly what I was looking for: A men’s fashion guide geared specifically toward the single guy looking to meet women.

So I was really looking forward to review Brad P’s Fashion Bible.

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