Blogroll not updating wordpress

This is the clickable text that will appear in your blogroll.For example, if you add a link to you might type “Amazon” into the Name text box.Because in blogger, if you enter a link-it will fetch icon, title and date of last update but wordpress plugins showing just link as blogroll. The first value passed is the metabox ID, so you could also remove other metaboxes that are added by plugins.The Plugin is easy to install, the Widget is simple to use and highly customizable.You can simply switch on / off, select or type in the various configurations and settings.

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To edit a link, hover over the link name and click the Edit option that appears below it.

To delete multiple links, select one or more links using the checkboxes on the left, select Delete from the Bulk Actions menu, and click Apply.

You can use the filter option to show only one category at a time, or to show all your links.

The Plugin works without Javascript and without AJAX.

It uses the Word Press standard links database and honors the visible and target settings as defined for each link (private links are not shown, links are displayed in the same or in a new window as specified).

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